At an early age, Nysh quickly fell in love with upcycling her old garments. Shortly after, she discovered the 'Thrift Store'; a place she considered to be Heaven on earth for the simple fact that she could shop her favorite high-end luxury brands for her upcycling projects at a fraction of the price. Redesigning thrift store finds became therapeutic to her as she fell in love with expressing herself through her outfits. Alongside that, Nysh also fell in love with photography, a skill she picked up in her Yearbook class she took during her 10th - 11th-grade year in Senior High School. She'd receive so many compliments, that soon, her friends, family, classmates, and even her teachers wanted to book her to snap their photos, asked her for her opinion on putting together outfits and or if she could upcycle some of their old garments as well. This made her feel the happiest, helping others feel confident about themselves through fashion and photography. Her mother was the first to suggest to her that she should consider branching out and opening an online shop to welcome new clients from around the globe, so she decided to do so. Her first online storefront debuted on in March of 2011 in which she sold only thrift stores finds she upcycled. After her success on eBay, she eventually decided that it was time to cut ties to officially open her first website which launched in January of 2012, the same year she began college. With her alone, working her business, the high demand for her unique recreations became to overwhelming for her to produce all by herself, so she began interviewing candidates to hire because she wanted so badly, to keep her company authentic to how she started. Unfortunately, after many attempts, she realized it was hard to find others that shared the same burning passion and so she discovered (what she thought then, was her next best option) "reselling." She quickly began buying pieces which caught her eyes from wholesaler's to resale to her clients which enabled her to timelessly stock up on inventory and even expand the styles that she offered. At age 18, Nysh acquired a huge amount of success in less than 10 months after the launch of her first official website but soon after her quick rise to success her emotional state began declining as Nysh found it very difficult and overwhelming to balance her college courses, her personal life, and run her business all at once. Furthermore, Nysh began to realize that without the proper knowledge, tools, and help she needed to keep her successful business running successfully for the long run, she'd eventually come to a dead end, so she later made an extremely painful decision to close up shop with little notice to her clients. Some were furious with her decision which made her feel like she let her clients down, along with others who were rooting for her since the beginning of her journey. After falling into a deep depression for nearly a year, Nysh picked up a 'Life Coach' who helped mold her. He taught her the beauty in embracing her failures as lessons. That motivated her to spend months planning and soaking up as much knowledge as she could to prep for her new challenge she'd be taking on, TBSLUXCLO; formerly titled "The Bottoms Shop," which launched in June of 2014. It's been an amazing journey for Nysh. Even through the lows of owning a business, she can't see herself trading in what she does for a living for anything else. In 2017, Nysh reached a pivot point and began feeling like she was not living in her truest potential in the fashion world. As her zeal for fashion designing began burning up again, she began jotting down her visions in her notebooks. After having plenty of her drawings stored away, she began educating herself on how to machine sew professionally. While Nysh enjoys selecting luxury fashion styles for the retail side of our shop to resell at affordable prices to our clients, last year she finally decided it was time to embrace how she started out earlier on in her fashion career, RECREATING & DESIGNING! This time, she wanted to ensure she'd be involved in the creation process from BEGINNING to END, birthing, Nysh Aimé (formerly known as TBSLUXCLO The Brand), which launched on April 1st of 2019. Nysh puts in a lot of effort to ensure our designs are curated with "intention to every detail," (our MOTTO). All of our in house designs are produced with top quality fabrics and materials. Furthermore, to bring exclusivity to our work for Nysh Aimé (formerly known as TBSLUXCLO The Brand), Nysh purposely makes our customs limited to the public to keep the ownership of our designs at a MINIMAL, like that of vintage goods and or high-end fashion collections. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, we are grateful for you and love you beyond words could ever explain. To those of you who are new to TBS, we thank you for becoming a part of this journey and hope you stay with us for the long run.