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For starters, it's a story that began at an early age for a girl who obsessed over anything fashion. She started buying thrift store clothing to refurbish them into glam eye-catching pieces to resale. After her Ebay success during her freshman year in college she began he first eccomerce store that was remarkably successful soon after it's launching but like most beginners, without the necessary tools to keep a successful business successful, it wasn't long after she shutdown. She didn't let her failure stop there. She spent years soaking up the necessary knowledge and skills to take on her new challenge, TBSLUXCLO (formerly known as The Bottoms Shop). Fashion isn't about buying that $1,000 dress. It's about making that $50 dress look like it costs thousands of dollars. Here's where you can dress LUX for LESS. That's the story. We welcome you along this journey with us as we are constantly reinventing glamour in women's fashion.